The CrackBerry Forums are now prettier, faster and better than ever!

Yes, it's true. We gave the CrackBerry Forums plenty of love back in February by launching an all new design and plenty of behind the scenes and upfront improvements but that was only laying the groundwork for where we wanted to go.

If you head on into the CrackBerry Forums right now, you'll be welcomed by an even further refreshing and what is really the first look into the new styling CrackBerry Kevin noted in his recent From the Editor's Desk. So what has changed here this time around? Glad you asked!

  • New font for the CrackBerry Forums.
  • Improvements across the board including sizes, colors, paddings and even new features.
  • The 'Your Menu' header has now been updated to make accessing content even faster and easier!
  • An all new black theme that aligns with the forthcoming CrackBerry redesign and 10th Anniversary Celebrations

With all of that being laid out, we truly hope you enjoy the new design and features we've brought to the CrackBerry Forums. Everything we've changed here was done with purpose and our community in mind. That said, should have any issues, concerns or just have any other comments on the changes, be sure to let us know! We've set up a feedback forum for that reason and would love to hear from you!

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