CrackBerry Forums App

Back in October, we released the CrackBerry Forums app for iOS and Android. We wrote a post then letting folks know it was available and after many downloads on the various platforms, we've now pushed an update for the iOS app. We see all the iOS and Android users coming in through the forums and we're hoping to bring lots of them back to BlackBerry with BlackBerry 10 just around the corner.

To do that though, we need to put all our BlackBerry 10 content where users of those platforms will see it, just like how BlackBerry is taking over newspapers. So here it is, the updated CrackBerry Forums app with iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support and plenty of bug fixes as well as the links to all the other versions available. Now, we can get back to building our BlackBerry 10 apps.

Download CrackBerry Forums app for iPhone / iPad
Download CrackBerry Forums app for Android devices
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Download CB Forums app for BlackBerry PlayBook

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