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The day is fast approaching when we honor the men in our lives that hold the title of Father. Dads can be harder to buy for than Moms, so I put together what I hope will be a helpful guide to aid in your Father's Day shopping this year. Most of the suggestions have come from our very own mod team, to whom I owe a great thank you for all their helpful input. Naturally, seeing as how this is a BlackBerry community, most of what you'll find in the guide is related in some way, shape or form.

Am I really buying this for him, or me?


Number one on the list is a bit of a no-brainer. Why not a new BlackBerry device? Is your Dad woefully behind the times, still rocking an old school dumbphone? Perhaps he is already a BlackBerry addict, but is between upgrades on his contract. Why not surprise him this Father's Day with a shiny new device? I gave my own Dad an early Father's Day gift this year, hooking him up with an old 8900 I had sitting at home, and the last couple of weeks has been fantastic keeping in touch through BBM. Of course, you may want to do what I forgot to do, and give him some reading material that does more than the stock manual. I would personally recommend "My BlackBerry Curve by Craig Johnston" if you happen to go the Curve route, and Made Simple Learning has an excellent series covering many other devices.

Where Did He Go?

geocache navigator

Is your Dad an outdoors type? If he is, Chrisy has suggested Geocache Navigator, a great little app that sources it's information from geocaching.com, helping you keep track of your geocaching activities, locate new caches, and get a host of other information right at your fingertips. Ideal for the seasoned and rookie geocacher alike, the app is available in App World for a one-time cost of $19.99.

Wake Up and smell the...


I'm a Dad myself, and the first thing I do every morning is pick up my BlackBerry, then pour a cup of coffee to enjoy while catching up on emails, tweets and BBMs. Why not make that morning start just a little more enjoyable with a Keurig coffee maker, suggested by Jeff H. For anyone that loves coffee, the Keurig is a surefire hit, and a good backup if you're reading this and looking to buy for a Dad that is as big a BlackBerry addict as yourself. With a wide variety of styles and functions to choose from, there is something to fit every Dad's needs.

Little help?

If you have a Dad like mine, who may not be as BB-saavy, why not just be a good kid and load him up with all the goodies to be found for free right here on CrackBerry? Get him a few ringtones, some wallpapers, and maybe even a theme, then hit the app page for some must-have apps like Score Mobile, or Viigo. Yes, it's the cheap option, but throw in a few lawn-mowings, and maybe even a gutter-cleaning, and you have a happy Dad at the end of the day.

Some of these accessories could soon be Dad's favorite for charging, protection or that extra juice to get through the day:

 Charging Pod  BlackBerry Skin Case  Seidio Extended Battery

BlackBerry Charging Pod
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BlackBerry Cases
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Extended Battery
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You can never go wrong with a new accessory, so why not take a browse through the CB store, and pick up a new case, or maybe a nice dock for Dad to display his BlackBerry while charging? Heck, while you're at it, buy him the dock, then pick up Wallpaper Changer for $1.99 (until June 12), so he can rotate different family photos as his wallpaper on his device.



It may be stereotypical, but golf seems to come up when we think of Father's Day. If your Dad is an avid golfer (or maybe just a fan of exercise and frustration) you can make his day with a new driver, like the Calloway Hyper X Tour Driver, recommended by amazinglygraceless. While he will likely be absolutely tickled pink at the new club, rushing out to the course to give it a whirl, improve the experience with a couple simple apps. BBGPSGolf is a solid addition to any device, and if his favorite course isn't included, he can have a great time mapping it himself. If you are looking for a paid application with a few more features, check out WeGolf in App World, which offers features such as a range finder, scorecard, and even live scoring posted to the web so he can really rub it in when he wins.

King of the Grill


My Dad is the undisputed master of the BBQ in our family, and he has everything down to an art, whether it be burgers, steaks, chicken, or anything else he might get in his head to create that day. When he's in the middle of flipping, basting, and adjusting the position of the food, his hands are full (the beer in his other hand has nothing to do with it, of course). Help him out with a new Bluetooth headset, so he can give you that important phone call to invite you over for some of that grilled goodness. I personally recommend the BlueAnt Q1, which will allow  him to answer and make calls with the touch of a button while he's busy. You can check out my full review of the headset here, it's a solid investment for $89.95 in the CB store.

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No matter what you decide to get your Dad this Father's Day, make it a great one. I hope this guide has either helped you find the perfect gift, or at least inspired you to think a little bit outside the box this year. If you happen to be a Dad reading this, you have my encouragement to "accidentally" send this article to every member of your immediate family.

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