Following up on our recent announcement, my CrackBerry Crunk Cases were delivered to our NYC office today so I just had to record up a little Crunk Case infomercial (I'm a bit of an As Seen on TV junky... for real). 

If you love CrackBerry and have a Z10, the Crunk case is a sweet option for showing off your CrackBerry pride while protecting your phone. You can get the Crunk case in black, white and CrackBerry Orange. The cases have an MSRP of $19.95, but you can pick them up from today for only $14.95.

And if you can't decide which color you want, you can pick up the CrackBerry Bundle for just $29.95 which gives three Crunk cases - one in each color! Since we announced the Crunk Case they have been flying off the shelves, so hurry and get yours today while supplies last (and for those of you in Canada, you can't get yours today... but we promise they will be available there soon too - stay tuned!).

Enjoy the video. Get Crunk! :)

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