CrackBerry readers have been bugging me for years that we should have our own line of CrackBerry cases, so with BlackBerry 10 phones now here we are finally doing it! Our first batch of CrackBerry Crunk cases just arrived to our ShopCrackBerry store (will be hitting the Canada store soon) and they are HOT!

If you own a BlackBerry Z10 and love CrackBerry, you can now pick up the custom-fit CrackBerry Crunk Case for the Z10 and protect your BlackBerry in CB style. The durable, flexible TPU skin is available in black, orange and white, and features the CrackBerry logo embedded into the backside. It's subtle. It's tasteful. It's pure CrackBerry.

The Crunk Case is affordable too. It has an MSRP of $19.95, but since we're the manufacturer on this one we're selling it for $14.95.

But wait. There's more!! :)

We're also doing a special CrackBerry bundle for all you awesome CrackBerry readers out there who can't decide which color to choose. Instead of picking up just one Crunk Case, you can get one of each color for only $29.95!

CrackBerry Crunk Case for the BlackBerry Z10

CrackBerry Crunk Case for the BlackBerry Z10

CrackBerry Crunk Case for the BlackBerry Z10

Crunk Black

We made some important decisions with the Crunk Case. We covered the power button with rubber (it works well), and chose to leave the volume buttons and side ports open for ease of use and easy access. We didn't want to go too overboard with colors, so we picked our three carefully. Black is all business, especially on a black Z10. White on white is just plain 'ol hot. And nothing screams CrackBerry like CrackBerry orange. I think the orange Crunk case on a white Z10 is probably my favorite combo. As for the Crunk name? Well, if you don't like it, blame me. I claim all responsibility for the Crunk Case branding (see definition). I wanted a case name that started with a "C" and pushed the limits. The CrackBerry Crunk Case is it!

Hit up the links below for more info and to order your CrackBerry Crunk Case(s) for the BlackBerry Z10! And yes Q10 owners, you will be able to get your Crunk on soon too.

More Info / Purchase the CrackBerry Crunk Case for the BlackBerry Z10