You asked for it, and we delivered! The CrackBerry Crunk Case for the BlackBerry Z10 has been super popular with the community since we first introduced it, and today I'm happy to announce it is also available for the Q10.

Our first batch of BlackBerry Q10 Crunk Cases just arrived at our US-based warehouse (will be available in the Canada store soon), and they are HOTTTTTT!!!

Crunk Cases for the Q10 are here!

If you love CrackBerry and own a Q10, the Crunk Case is the perfect way to show off your CrackBerry pride and protect your BlackBerry in style. The durable and flexible TPU skin is available in black, white and CrackBerry orange and features the CrackBerry logo embedded into the backside. It's subtle. It's tasteful. It's pure CrackBerry through and through! The Crunk Case is affordable too, ringing in at $14.95.

But wait. There's more!! :)

We're also doing a special CrackBerry bundle for all you awesome CrackBerry readers out there who can't decide which color to choose. Instead of picking up just one Crunk Case, you can get one of each color for only $29.95! We also offer a black bundle, so if you want three blacks for the price of two, you can!

BlackBerry Q10 Crunk Case

Black Crunk Case

White Crunk Case

CrackBerry Orange Crunk Case

We'll be following up soon with a video look at the Q10 Crunk Case, but just like the Z10, these babies are good to go and are moving fast. So hit up the link below for more info, more photos and to your a Crunk Case for your Q10 today!

Get the CrackBerry Crunk Case for the BlackBerry Q10!