Get a Coveroo!

When I showed off my new CrackBerry Coveroo in the blogs last week (click here to see the image in case you missed it) the response of "I WANT THAT" was overwhelming... so much so in fact that you can now buy your own CrackBerry Coveroo straight from!

We also held a contest for 10 Free CrackBerry Coveroos and it's time to announce the winners.. and the lucky winners are:

boldb, simiglen, JShultz89, just2389, GotThaTech3188,
dc73pd, Beerbaron78, CarBob, suself, Oscar719

Congrats to all the winners! Be sure to watch your email as I'll be contacting you shortly with information on getting your CrackBerry Coveroo. And if you didn't win, what are you waiting for?! Go buy yourself a little present to get the new year started right. Coveroo now has support for the BlackBerry Storm and 8900 support is coming soon. And if the CrackBerry Coveroo isn't your thing they have an awesome selection of Coveroos to choose from. And if you still can't find what you're looking for, you can order a custom one

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