The Crack team has arrived in San Francisco safe and sound, and we're excited for the week ahead! Adam, Bla1ze, Isaac, Dave Peckens (our CrackBerry Idol winner!) and myself are all on hand to bring back the BlackBerry news as it happens. It's shaping up to be a good DevCon so let's hope for some big news!

We'll be live blogging the General Session keynote, which takes place today (Monday) at 1pm PDT. Being a conference for developers we're expecting a lot of news for developers, but you never know - hopefully we'll see some of the DevCon rumors become reality and we'll finally find out RIM's plans for entering the tablet world. Be sure to check it out.

And when the official news ends, we'll be following up with loads more content in the days ahead - interviews with developers, RIM folk and more. We'll be firing up the video camera every chance we get! And when Wednesday night rolls around, we'll cap off #DevCon10 with the CrackBerry App Awards party. For details and to RSVP, click here. We hope you enjoy the coverage. Stay tuned!!!