BlackBerry FanBoys
Bla1ze, Kevin, Adam... if you see us wandering around BBWorld be sure to yell CrackBerry!

BlackBerry World 2011 is now upon us, and as you've probably figured out from all of the live coverage today, the CrackBerry team is live on location in Orlando reporting back all the news. BlackBerry World technically kicks off tomorrow, May 3rd, but today was press day and RIM made a whack load of announcements which kept us busy. The big news for CrackBerry readers was of course the official unveiling of the new touchscreen BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930, but beyond that RIM made a number of other announcements, including BlackBerry Balance, PlayBook Video Chat, FaceBook for PlayBook, Multi-Platform BES support for Smartphones and Tablets and more.

With all the news today we're really curious to see what'll be in store for us in tomorrow's keynote session. We're not totally sure... but we do expect a surprise or two so we'll be LIVE BLOGGING the whole thing. Be sure to turn into CrackBerry at 8:30am ET Tuesday morning for all the action!