CrackBerry in Las Vegas!

There's no better way to kick off the new year than a trip to Las Vegas for CES - the biggest consumer electronics show of the year. And just like last year and the year before and the year before and the year before, the Crack Team will be there in FORCE to cover all the BlackBerry news coming out of the show, look for other hot things to report on and of course, have a great time. 

We have a big crew going this year for CrackBerry, including yours truly, Adam Zeis, Joseph Holder, Alicia Erlich, Kerri Neill, Jared Dipane, Isaac Kendall and David Boyd (Bla1ze and Michelle will be keeping the CES content coming from a distance too!).

Beyond CrackBerry, our Mobile Nations sibling sites will also be on hand bringing back all of the news for their respective platforms from the show. We'll follow up on Monday with another post with links to all the coverage and everybody's twitter accounts, etc. so you can follow the action between the blogs. In the meantime, get excited for CES. Let's hope we see some good stuff come out of the BlackBerry booth!