We're only a few days in and it's already been quite a busy week here on CrackBerry. Between the ongoing BBM for Android/iOS saga and yesterdays news, the CrackBerry community is taking to the forums to weigh in on the situation. 

"Taken private in this case is not a good thing. BBRY will be sold off in chunks. This is just the beginning"Shlooky, CB Member

If for some reason you missed it, yesterday BlackBerry announced that they have signed a letter of intent with Fairfax Financial for a $4.7 billion deal that could potentially make BlackBerry a private company again should everything go through. While it looks like it will all pan out, things could still change before the deal is done. It's uncertain what will happen to BlackBerry as we know it from there. The company could carry on as normal, leave the consumer hardware business or even be broken up to various parts such as BBM Inc. It's all still up in the air for now.

"Blackberry going from public to private doesn't change Blackberry's major problems with selling BB10 smartphones, nor does it mean that profitability is no longer critical for the company"CHIP72, CB Member

The news is getting mixed reviews from BlackBerry fans across the board - some think it's great, others not so much. There have been some very active threads in the forums about the news with everyone jumping in to say their piece, but as Chris already explained, it's not necessarily a bad thing. It will effect everyone differently and in different ways - from shareholders to developers to average consumers. Either way there will be a long road ahead for BlackBerry and we'll have to wait it out to see what happens.

So if you haven't already, be sure to hit up the forums and tell us where you're at. Do you think the Fairfax Financial deal will be a good thing for BlackBerry as a company? Do you think it's a bad decision? Let's hear what you have to say.

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