BlackBerry 8700 Theme Earlier this week we announced the availability of Free User & Abuser BlackBerry themes. Created as a Birthday present to the member community by JC Designs / GadgetBean, in just a couple of days the themes have gone on to receive over 6,000 downloads! Wow!! And in response to some of the desires by our members, I'm happy to announce the following:

8700 Series Themes  - Ask and you shall receive. The theme is now available for the 8700 series, running OS version 4.2.1 or higher. MAKE sure you meet these minimum requirements before installing the theme - if you install on a operating system version that is older you will likely "nuke" your BlackBerry, and I don't want that to happen to anyone (if you do nuke it, the fix is here). Get the 8700 User Version or Abuser Version.

Updated / New Pearl Themes - All of the Pearl themes have been updated to version 1.1. This update addresses some minor formatting issues in the original version (the Edge network graphic at the top could show up a bit squished). We've also added a third version of this theme to the gallery - the Abuser 2. For a few Pearl users, the BlackBerry Messenger Shortcut was not showing up on the homescreen dock, so John created a version that replaces this shortcut with the Web Browser. Get the Abuser 2 for the Pearl 8100 OS4.2.1 or Pearl 81xx running OS4.2.2 or greater.

Desktop Manager Installation Now Available - For those who don't have data plans or just prefer to install apps via BlackBerry Desktop Manager, you can now download the .zip for each theme that contains the .alx file for installation to your BlackBerry via USB and BlackBerry Desktop Manager software. Take me to the Free Theme Gallery.

** Please Note: We found there is a bug present for some people when downloading the .zip files when using Internet Explorer... IE will tell them the zip folder is corrupt (not actually the case) - quick fix is to use Firefox for DM downloads or stick with the OTA installation for now. It's a known IE issue (has to do with our content management system tracking download #'s and that kind of file type)... our programmer is on it and will should have the workaround in place come Monday afternoon. Thanks for the patience **

For any questions or support issues, use the User & Abuser themes thread in the forums.