takes a SiestaTalk about CrackBerry Withdrawal!! If you're a regular at, you will have noticed the site was down! It turns out our server maxed out its capabilities and had issues getting going again. We were down from about 1:15am CST and came back online at about 2:30pm. It was the longest 13 hours of my life! I must have clicked refresh about 1700 times.

Here's the Good News and the Bad News. Let's start with

The Bad News: The site will be going down for a few hours one evening later this week as we move the site over to Smartphone Experts' Data Centers.

The Good News: Once we're relocated we shouldn't run into problems like this again. We've been planning a move for a while now, but our recent outage has prompted us to get it done NOW!

More Good News: To Buy Back some Love, we have setup a 20% discount coupon in the Software Store. It's good until the end of this month. To take advantage of the savings, enter the code SIESTA when checking out.

More More Good News: If you're one of our unlucky regulars who suffered from this outage like I did, we want to hear how you coped with your withdrawal. Respond to this post with your outage story. Did you hit refresh 1000+ times like I did? Did you play with your BlackBerry? Did you go outside for some fresh air? The best story will win a JAWBONE Bluetooth Headset. Make sure you are logged into the site when you post your comment (so I'll be able to email you) - the Best Story wins!

Thanks for the patience guys and gals!! Keep Crack'n!!