AT&T uses CB to attack iP!

Now this is good for a Friday morning laugh as we head into the weekend...

It turns out unbeknownst to us here at, some of our stories have been used as anti-iPhone 3G propganda! You'd think everyone at AT&T should be in love with the fruity phone of the moment (they are selling like hot cakes after all), but apparently that's not the case. Here's what Gizmodo uncovered earlier this week...

When reader Dennis' mom went to the AT&T stand in the Moorestown Mall in New Jersey to ask about iPhone insurance, they laughed in her face. They then handed her a bunch of articles written arguing for the BlackBerry over the iPhone, printed from places like and Pocket PC Magazine.

Check out the scan Giz posted - it's of the Top 10 Reasons Why the iPhone is Still No BlackBerry article I published shortly after the iPhone 3G was announced. That was a fun piece to write, but never would I have imagined it be used in a smartphone hate crime! Besides, the best way to sell a BlackBerry isn't via propaganda - it's to let a person use one for a few days. Once they get a taste, they're hooked. It's not a called a CrackBerry for nothing.

Over at our sibling site TheiPhoneblog, they're *trying* to battle back with their own anti-BlackBerry literature. Copycats :-) But hey, it's all in good fun - what would family be without some squabbling?! Little do they realize that CrackBerry Kevin picked up an iPhone 3G last week (can't be ignorant - gotta stay on top of the competition!) and while it is an improved device over the iPhone 2G (read: iPhone first impressions; final impressions) and there are aspects of the device I do like, push come to shove my list of things to bash is growing and growing and growing. Look for an indepth article in the near future. Here's a weird one for starters... why the hell would you put a scientific calculator on a phone but not give it a backspace key?! Mistype one character and you're starting your long-azz formula from scratch. DUMB. 

So if you're a diehard BlackBerry Addict and are sick of the iPhone 3G buzz and want to vent, use the comments to this post to have at it!!!