Presents the 12 Days of CrackBerry

* Update: 12 Days of CrackBerry Site and Official Contest Threads are open for business! Spread the CrackBerry word and good luck to everyone! *

I just couldn't keep this a secret any longer. We are getting ready to launch what I think will be the GREATEST BlackBerry Promotion EVER with's TWELVE DAYS of CRACKBERRY holiday giveaway. We'll be changing up the traditional lyrics as we go along and be giving away LOTS of BlackBerry prizes! Here's a little taste of what's coming:

On the First Day of CrackBerry,
My Favorite Site Gave to Me...
A Brand New (fill in the rest here)

We'll be rolling out the full contest details and opening it up for entry in the next 24 hours on Monday December 10th, but here's the basic overview...

  • Each day of CrackBerry will feature a different prize!
  • Prizes include BlackBerry Accessories, Software and maybe even a new BlackBerry Smartphone?!?! :-)
  • Winners will be announced during the 12 days of CrackBerry - the First Day of CrackBerry is December 25th with one winner announced, the Second Day of CrackBerry is December 26th with two more winners announced and that will continue right up until the Twelfth Day of CrackBerry on January 5th where there will be 12 more lucky winners! Sum it up! During the 12 Days of CrackBerry we will be giving away 78 Prizes to 78 Lucky Winners!
  • Registering to win will be easy and free! We're going to set up a 12 Days of CrackBerry forum, and there will be 12 Contest threads (one for each Day of CrackBerry). Each thread will feature a Poll and thread Topic/Question. All you need to do to get in for a day's prize is be logged into the site and make a post on that day's thread. We'll keep it fun and CrackBerry related of course. Post on all 12 contest threads and you'll be in for your chance to win on each of the 12 Days of CrackBerry.

So what you do you guys and gals think? Best idea ever or what?! Stay tuned for full details and for your chances to WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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