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"You are now listening to CrackBerry.com, home of the #1 Podcast for BlackBerry Users (& Abusers!), with your hosts, the Addict and the Expert, Kevin Michaluk & Craig Johnston!"

Well here it is folks, our very first CrackBerry.com Podcast. After a year of talking about it, I finally got off my butt BlackBerry, found a Kick Ass Crack co-host for the show, and we got Episode #1 recorded.

Episode #1 is pretty grassroots, but I think we have the ingredients to develop into a top notch podcast. At least that's the plan! We're already halfway there with Craig onboard - he is a BlackBerry expert and experienced podcaster (with a wicked radio voice). On the other hand, I'm a complete newbie to podcasting with a radio presence that still needs some a lot of refinement, but I'm a dedicated CrackBerry addict and that at least has to count for something!

CrackBerry.com Podcasts will be recorded every second Sunday, and will be available for listening come Monday. We'll aim for the shows to be 45 - 60 minutes in length, and we'll cover the news, share our opinions, interview guests, have some fun contests, talk some BlackBerry Crack and Smartphone Smack and we hope you come along for the ride! Show notes and credits after the jump!

Listen to CrackBerry.com Podcast: Episode 001

Show Details:

  • Recorded: February 10th, 2008
  • Show Length: 59m49s
  • File Size: 34.3MB

Big Thanks To:

  • Dieter Bohn - for bringing me up to speed with the ins and outs of getting a podcast going and for answering every question I had. You can listen to Dieter's podcasts regularly at TreoCentral.com and PhoneDifferent.com
  • Kenley Kristofferson - for the Saturday afternoon crash-course in using Garage Band and for doing some impromptu voiceovers. Be sure to check out Kenley's podcast - he runs the only Podcast dedicated to the Academic Study of Video Game Music at IntoTheScore.com.
  • Craig Johnston - for joining the Crack Team and for teaching me the wisdom of his ways. Be sure to check out Craig's podcast at MobileComputingAuthority.com. You'll be hearing lots from Craig in the months and years ahead!

Show Notes/Links:

CrackBerry.com News

BlackBerry News

  • BlackBerry Updates: BES / BIS / BBOS Updates
    • First came "rumor" of a rebranding of OSv4.3 to OSv4.5
    • By Device OSv 4.5 Details - both server side and hanheld side updates shown
    • BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1 Service Pack 5 Announced on Thursday / RIM features link

Quick Software News

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