's Wallpaper Makter and BlackBerry Wallpaper Gallery

Wallpapering Has NEVER Been Soo Much Fun! 

I am pleased (and super excited!) to announce the launch of's improved BlackBerry Wallpaper Maker tool and all new user-contributed BlackBerry Wallpaper Gallery.

Our original wallpaper maker has churned out 100+ wallpapers per day since went live back in February. It's made a lot of BlackBerry Users VERY Happy! If you're not familiar with the tool, it's simple - upload an image from your desktop, select the BlackBerry device model you have, do some customizing (you can choose to have the image automatically scale to fit your BlackBerry or you can 'keep aspect ratio') and finally enter your BlackBerry's email address and hit Make Wallpaper! The Wallpaper is automatically created and emailed to your BlackBerry for easy download. It's really as simple as 1 - 2 - 3.

BlackBerry Wallpaper Maker v.2.0
With BlackBerry Wallpaper Maker version 2.0, we've taken things to the next level. We've added some more customization tools (when you select 'Keep Aspect Ratio' you can Zoom in on the image you uploaded allowing you to turn only a desired portion of the image into your wallpaper) and most importantly we have made it possible for you to SHARE your wallpaper with the entire BlackBerry Community!

Once you have created your wallpaper, you then have the option to to add your newly created masterpiece to's Wallpaper Gallery. Enter a Title for the image, Choose the Appropriate Category and you are done! The BlackBerry Wallpaper Gallery will be updated daily (images will be verified/moderated before being published) with tons of new wallpapers as contributed by you! Be sure to come back often to see the collection grow! 

BlackBerry Wallpaper Gallery
Just like's Ringtone Gallery, our BlackBerry Wallpaper Gallery makes it easy to browse for BlackBerry wallpapers and get them on your Berry. Just head to the Wallpaper Gallery homepage, select the wallpaper resolution compatible with your device model, and you can browse the wallpaper images. When you find the wallpaper you want you can either download it to your computer or email it directly to your BlackBerry for easy-install. Not sure where to start? We've also included some Top 10's to get you on your way - Most Downloaded, Recently Added and Top Rated wallpaper stats can be found for each wallpaper format.

Now Get Wallpapering!
The Wallpaper Maker tool is free to all visitors and members of All users can also browse the Wallpaper Gallery, but in order to download wallpaper images you will have to become a registered member of (if you're not yet a member, it's yet one more reason to join the the thousands of other members in our growing community!).

We hope you enjoy these new tools! Let us know what you think! Now Get Crack'n!

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