The Crack Team in a Duathlon In my ongoing quest to maintain a healthy balance between CrackBerry addiction and other parts of my life, I have named 2007 to be my Year of Fitness. So far I have been doing pretty well - in the cold winter months I managed to exercise regularly at the gym and 98.6% of the time have even been able to pass up the Golden Arches in favor of healthy homecooked eats.

But now that spring is sprung and summer is nearly here I figure it's time for me to kick it up a notch and get outdoors and enjoy mother nature as much as possible.

And it seems my 2007 Summer of Fitness is off to a good start - I took my first outdoor jog this past Sunday by entering into the Winnipeg Iron Cops Half Marathon relay. Along with another blackberry-using friend, we each ran 6.5 miles (half of a half marathon). In addition to raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society, we also managed to raise some awareness by finishing 2nd place! Check out the Results - notice the team named!?! The crowd loved our team name and our 2nd place award was presented by the city's police chief, who was very interested (a little too interested maybe?!) to learn what was all about.

Spreading the word, being healthy, and raising money for Charity - it seems like a no brainer to me.

Which means it's time for a FITNESS CHALLENGE.

Are you entering any fundraising fitness events in the next few months? Can you enter under a team name?

If so, I challenge you to enter your team name as "". Let's show the world that BlackBerry Addicts not only love their devices, but love helping others out as well.

I've started a new CrackBerry FITNESS CHALLENGE thread in the CrackBerry Forums. Go there for more details on the challenge and use it to take up the challenge and keep us posted on the results. Can you fundraise for your event online? Get the link up on this thread and the CrackBerry community will help you out! Finish in the top 3 in your event? I will definitely be sending you some BlackBerry goodies to celebrate!

Get Fit, Help Out, Spread the name. Are you up for the Challenge?