crackberry logoNot to toot our own horn but…

Yesterday’s BlackBerry shutdown was big news everywhere. And became the “go-to” place for information.

Our own Kevin Michaluk appeared all over the net here, here, and here and was questioned why the BlackBerry maker was so reluctant to provide people with any useful information on the system crash, information that could have alleviated some anxiety. 

It’s also interesting to note how ubiquitous the word “CrackBerry" has become. In almost all of the magazines, television stations, websites and newspapers that covered the story, from Forbes to CBC to SmartDeviceCentral the little device’s nickname was used.

As we also reported, the outage also affected some of the other BlackBerry sites, but we managed to stay up and running bringing you information as it became available. Our Forums were also buzzing with info on how the system meltdown affected users here in North America.

Not related to the outage, but related to the uprising in Tech Gadget Communities and Fan Sites, was featured today in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper (the biggest paper close to RIM headquarters) as the cover story of their Tech Weekly section. A big thanks to Kelly Roesler for the help in spreading the name! The article, entitled "Ga ga over Gadgets" is a must read (the web version doesn't have the sexy Crack Team photo, but it's still pretty good!).