's BEST OF WES 2007 awards are coming!

That's right! Starting tomorrow we will start the BEST OF WES 2007 Awards Show. A new "Crackie" winner will be announced every day or two or three (until we run out of Crackie's to give!). And in true style, the award names will be a bit whacky, and the information 100% good. You'll want to spread the word and check in with us each day. 

The first Crackie to be announced? I call it the It's About Crack'n Time award (others might call it the Best in Show award). Either way, it's going to the application that has set a new standard for how blackberry applications should look and act. For me personally, every app I install onto my Berry will now be compared to the winner of this Crackie.  Stay Tuned... BEST OF WES 2007