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Step right up!! Don't be shy. We may be clowns, but we're not the creepy kind.

We're here to entertain. We're here to delight. And we're occasionally going to make your wallet scream in fright!

Tech product coverage is what we do. We look at wonderful and weird things, old and new.

Welcome to the CrackBerry Circus! It's going to be a helluva place.

And we're hoping it'll always put a BIG SMILE ON YOUR FACE.

So if today's busy and stressful world has got you down,

Just come to CrackBerry and join the clowning around!

OK, that's enough rhyming! But I THINK and HOPE you get it.

It's not what we cover, it's HOW we cover it

When I announced earlier this year CrackBerry would relaunch in 2022 as a "beyond BlackBerry" destination, a lot of people questioned what that meant and what would make sense for us to do that isn't already being done to death out there in the tech blogging/YouTubing/creator-ing world we live in.

It was a valid question, and it took the better part of the year to answer.

When that answer finally came to us, it immediately felt right and everything has been clicking into place since.

The reality is, as soon as you try and think of CrackBerry like anything or anyone out there doing tech coverage, it's no longer CrackBerry. Original CrackBerry always had its own vibe.

What made CrackBerry so unique when we launched in 2007 wasn't that we covered BlackBerry smartphones - there were a bunch of websites and communities doing that already. What made CrackBerry take off and become a household name and destination was HOW we covered BlackBerry.

We were not journalists or media executives who understood the ins and outs of the publishing industry.

Want to read rants about stupid stuff that nobody else would dare say? Welcome to the CrackBerry Circus!

We were just passionate consumers with an infectious enthusiasm for a product, and we shared our opinions – both good and bad – strongly. And through that passion (and our ability to often "attain" unreleased devices to post about them before they were officially announced lol) we attracted a lot of like-minded people to join our community. And that crackerjack community helped others who were trying to fix or get the most out of their products. We also had a lot of fun entertaining each other and rewarding that participation with community giveaways and shenanigans that were pretty beastly for that era.

Today, thinking about CrackBerry as a Circus, it evokes the unique vibe we used to have and that we're going to build again.

You want serious tech journalism? Head to The Verge!

You want crispy and delicious tech videos? MKBHD is the GOAT.

You want the balanced truth in an uncompromising video? Look no further than everyone's favorite Star Trek addict MrMobile.

But …. if you want to learn about new tech and laugh while reading it? CrackBerry is for you.

Want to read rants about stupid stuff that nobody else would dare say? CrackBerry it is.

You want to shoot the shit with other CrackBerry clowns? Guess what? CrackBerry is the place to do it.

You want to learn more about emerging or weird tech that mainstream media is barely covering? Again: CrackBerry.

You want to win awesome shit? Yep …CrackBerry!

Want to see CBK reviewing sleeveless shirts while jumping rope? CrackBerry, you ask? Nope! Only Fans!

While animals are the main attraction of the traditional circus, the CrackBerry Circus will be predominantly about tech and gadgets. Mobile will (obviously) be a big part of it given our roots, but we'll go much broader to cover tech that is meaningful and can make your everyday life better.

More than just mobile, the CrackBerry Circus covers tech that is meaningful and can make your everyday life better.

Where tech will make you healthier, more productive, cook better, screw better (be it by yourself or with your significant other or others), and have more fun, that's the kind of stuff we'll look at. (Oops … yeah, that turned a bit clown creepy … we'll try to be better.) And if we think new tech is creating problems and taking things a step backwards, we'll be very vocal about it.

Speaking of backwards, the Circus is a nostalgic place so we'll do a plenty of looking back at the good ol' days of amazing products from our past.

And while most circuses tend be similar, with a lot of the same main attractions, the most memorable circus shows are the ones that burn a permanent spot into your memory thanks to their unique attractions. CrackBerry will have plenty of those. You'll find topics covered at the CrackBerry Circus that you won't find anywhere else. Bet on it.

As you take your seat for the CrackBerry Circus, I leave you with two promises:

  1. We'll never be boring - If we're not truly passionate and opinionated about it, we won't mention it. We have no desire to write boring stories, make boring videos, or record boring podcasts out of some sense of obligation to cover everything. If we post it, it's worth your time.

  2. We won't sell out again - Everybody from the earlier years of CrackBerry remembers how amazing the community was. Then once we started taking money from BlackBerry and I became a bit too much of an insider it became a little more tricky to always be truly or completely authentic (especially when their products started to let us down). In hindsight I think I walked that tightrope as well as I could have, but being older and wiser, the CrackBerry Circus won't ever put itself in a position where we can't always say exactly what's on our mind. Life is too short to hold back!

And with that, the CrackBerry Circus is about to begin.

Check back daily, because every day this week we'll have news to share, including the announcement of our first CrackBerry giveaway which kicks off December 1. You won't want to miss it.

Grab your popcorn and enjoy the show!


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