If you watched the video last week of me stealing a BlackBerry Bold 9900 from RIM's headquarters in Waterloo, you also saw me get caught and tossed into a cop car. Keen CrackBerry eyes may have noticed that wasn't just any 'ole police car, but rather Mobile Innovation's 2011 Dodge Police Interceptor concept car. Created by Mobile Innovations and featuring a ton of gear from D&R Electronics, the highlight of car is that it features BlackBerry PlayBook Integration. Be sure to check out our preview post on this, and then watch the video above for my real-life tour.

As you'll see in the video, the BlackBerry PlayBook integration here is really solid, with the PlayBook pretty much running all of the car's cop-tastic features, including all the lights and sounds. You can of course use it too for running checks on people. BlackBerry PlayBook owners jonesing for a bluetooth keyboard will want pay close attention to the video... especially at the 3m35s mark. Pretty cool, hey? 

I know nobody wants to end up in the back of a police car, but at least if it were ever to happen to me (again), I'd definitely want it to be a cop car rocking a PlayBook! 

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