Since BlackBerry 10 first launched one of the features that excelled in comparison to other operating systems has been the web browser. It's fast, user friendly and full of options - such as the Reader Mode and the smooth sharing options that integrate with the BlackBerry Hub. 

When it comes to watching videos on YouTube I was interested to find out if the majority of CrackBerry readers were content with using the browser for this, or if they choose to use a third party application, as there isn't a native one from BlackBerry themselves? There are a selection of apps in BlackBerry World - some better than others and if you want to check them out you can do so here

The browser does a great job - these's no doubt about that. In fact, that's probably why BlackBerry didn't feel the need so generate an application for it. I tend to watch YouTube videos on my BlackBerry three or four times a week - as most of the time I'm at my computer. However, for reasons I'm not really sure of I choose to use the app FastTube. I can only presume that I'm drawn to the BlackBerry 10 app UI as it delivers the same goods as the browser. 

So, what about you. Hit up the poll below and feel free to jump into the comments to sound off with why you use what you use.