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 Pebblewatch_BlackBerry 10

If you’ve been following the Kickstarter campaign for the Pebble smartwatch, you’ll notice that they’ve chosen not to support the BlackBerry platform at launch. Another thing you’ll notice is that it’s made by the same people that launched the Inpulse watch for BlackBerry last year. The question a lot of CrackBerry members are asking is, where is the BlackBerry love?

With BlackBerry 10 coming in early 2013, and the Pebble smartwatch launching around the same time it could be an easy sale. So we ask you CrackBerry Nation, would you pickup the Pebble E-Paper watch if it supported BlackBerry 10? If you haven’t already, head over to the CrackBerry Forums thread and voice your opinion. As well, let us know via the poll and comments on this post. Not that we can change what the team over at Pebble have planned, but at least we can let them know we’re interested in using the watch on the brand new BlackBerry platform.

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