Who Should be RIM's Chairman of the Board?

Currently Research In Motion, maker of BlackBerry, have founder Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie serving as both Co-CEOs and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors. Compared to most companies, this is an odd practice. Typically you have a single CEO vs. two Co-CEOs at the helm of day to day operations, and normally the CEO and Chairman positions are filled by different individuals. Of course it's hard to deny the success RIM has enjoyed over the years with its doubled up structured, but it's also impossible to ignore the current share price of RIMM stock, which has dropped considerably over the past 18 months.

The price of RIM shares took a jump up yesterday based on speculation that things may be changing sooner than later on the Chairman of the Board front, with current independent RIM director Barbara Stymiest to be named RIM's next Chairman. Remember, we're talking Chairman of the Board here... Mike and Jim would still remain Co-CEOs. With the stock price jumping up on just this rumor alone, it's obvious this is a change investors and Wall Street would like to see. Reflecting on the news, I couldn't help but think the stock price would have shot up even higher if yours truly was named the next Chairman (I have Board experience... seriously!). Though our Android-loving pal Phil Nickinson proposed a ham sandwich may make the best replacement for RIM Chairman.

So with that, CrackBerry Asks... who would you like to see as the Chairman of the Board for RIM? Should Mike and Jim keep sharing the job, is Barbara Stymiest the right gal to get the company on track, should it be CrackBerry Kevin infusing some passion in Waterloo or maybe just a ham sandwich?! Vote on the poll above, and sound off in the comments with any other ideas you may have!

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