There's a whole host of weather applications for BlackBerry 10 and until recently I was using AccuWeather as my daily forecast checker. That recently changed when the native BB10 weather app was updated and I now find that it gives me the basic information I need and looks good too. You may have been lucky enough to also pick up BeWeather Pro as it was featured in the BlackBerry's 25 days of gifts for Christmas and these three I've mentioned are in my opinion the best. 

But which do you use? They all have pros and cons and with BeWeather Pro being a paid and in-depth app I would say that it is the best for sure if you need to keep an eye on weather conditions in various regions. However, I've still reverted back to the native one. 

As you'll see in the above video they all do a great job, but I was interested so hear the CrackBerry nations views on whether you use one of these three or one of the third party apps. 

Hit up the poll below and let us know? If you are using a third party one please feel free to sound off in the comments as to which app you use and why.