Social Apps

On any smartphone in this day and age I'm fairly confident that most of us use some form of social networking. BlackBerry 10 makes connecting and sharing with friends super easy thanks to the BlackBerry Hub and I can safely say that all the CrackBerry team use use most social networks in some shape or form. 

We're still lagging behind our Android and iPhone counterparts in a couple of areas though. First up is that we don't have an official application for Google+ and for that reason you won't ever find me there. Instagram is hugely popular, but like Google+ we don't have a official BlackBerry 10 app, so we have to rely on either side loading the Android version or using one of the third party apps - but that suits me just fine - I'm a massive fan of iGrann, which is in public beta at the time of publication. 

When you pick up a BlackBerry 10 device you'll have Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pre-loaded and without doing any research I think it's safe to say that they are the biggest out of the bunch. But which do use most? Hit up the poll below and give us an indication. If you want to use Google+ but like me find it frustrating that we don't have a native version let us know in the comments.