The ability access cloud storage has become a priority for most folks these days. Whether you're backing up data, need access to files everywhere you are or are simply just looking for easier ways to share photos, videos, files and more there's a good chance you're using a cloud storage service to make your life easier.

Luckily, BlackBerry 10 makes it all rather easy to not only get started with cloud storage but also make use of such services. Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and more are ready to go out of the box and with apps such as Mega, Fireball and PlayCloud accessing your data is simple.

The real question though, with all the services available which one is the best? It's all a matter of opinion really so rather than taking a deep dive into all them individually right now, we figured a good starting point would be to find out what free cloud storage services, out of those available on BlackBerry 10 everyone is using.

Do you prefer Box over Dropbox? MEGA over OneDrive? Rolled your own cloud storage service or using an FTP to host your stuff? Let us know in the poll below or in the comments if you're using something not listed.