Cross-platform IM

When it comes to instant messaging, us BlackBerry users all know we have the best solution at our fingertips with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). But in this day and age with the iPhone and Android taking the majority of market share, I was interested to see how BlackBerry users communicate with the opposition. Luckily there are an array of cross platform instant messaging applications available to us -- and as well as the stand alone ones there are also the integrated ones such as IM+, Nimbuzz and Trillian.

Every BlackBerry comes with Gtalk, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo talk pre-loaded, but are those the ones people are using to chat to their Android and iPhone buddies? Or do you just skip them all together and use SMS?

So I compiled a short list of what I see are the best solutions for cross platform instant messaging and would love to hear your thoughts. So get voting and add your thoughts to the comments section. I have a suspicion who will be the victor but I could well be proved wrong.

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