BlackBerry 10

We're 10 months into BlackBerry 10 now and it's certainly been a rocky road - but we've had four awesome mainstream handsets released to cater for all markets. Which has been the best seller for BlackBerry is anyone's guess and probably impossible to predict as the Z30 has only been with us for a short time. 

With two all touch options and two (traditional) hardware QWERTY keyboard handsets so far, this selection should offer up a solution for most folk. Which one you have bought would probably depend on what you value most about your smartphone. If apps and gaming are number one then you more than likely went for the Z10 or Z30. If it's communication - whether that be email or social - you may well have hit up the Q10 or Q5

Pricing of course is always part of the equation and although purchasing BlackBerry 10 devices SIM free is pretty similar in price around the world, when it comes to contracts there are lots of variations. Many countries would have offered the BlackBerry 10 devices for free with a two year deal, some would ask for money up front and some countries require you to pay for the handset in full from day one. 

So here at CrackBerry we're putting out the feelers to discover which device was the one you chose. I'm also interested to see if there are any global trends, so once you have made your selection from the following poll would you please be kind enough to jump into the comments and just state which BlackBerry 10 handset you are rocking and your country? 

We'll analyze the results and let you know which handset is the most popular in the different regions around the world. If you are still a legacy BlackBerry user feel free to also sound off in the comments.