Are you looking for a BlackBerry hand out to make up for the service outage? If so, what?!

Both of RIM's Co-CEOs were on today's BlackBerry service update conference call. One of the questions asked to them in the Q&A session was in regards to what RIM would do in terms of reparations to the customers who were affected these past few days. The answer from RIM was that the top priority was first restoring service globally. With that now completed, from here they'll start to think on that subject and get back to customers. So this leads us to the....

Question of the Week: What would you like to see from RIM in terms of reparations over the service outage? As a BlackBerry customer, do you expect something? If yes, what? A month of free service? A discount off your next BlackBerry? Credit in App World? The comments are open and I'm sure RIM is listening, so sound off and let us know. Personally I don't want anything... I'm just happy to have service back!