Bold 9900  

Each of us use our BlackBerry devices for different purposes. Some because it is a work device, others because it's the easiest way to keep in touch on the go with family and friends, and a few simply because of the overly awesome keyboard on the device. While we all have our own reasons for using the devices, we wonder which of the features do you find to be most important on your day to day use? We know that there has been quite some negativity towards RIM and BlackBerry users lately, but most of you are still holding loyal to the device, so let us know what is most important about it to you? Is it that stunning keyboard, the ability to change themes on the fly, the simplicity of keeping in touch, or the secure messaging allowing it to double as a work device as well? Cast your vote in the poll above (you can choose more than one option) then leave a comment with your thoughts.

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