CrackBerry Hottie

Last week our friends at iMore ran a poll pondering whether Apple should extend beyond white and black for color choices and give users multiple color options for the upcoming release of the iPhone 5. It got me thinking about BlackBerry 10 phones and what colors we'll see at launch. And also, what color our readers would like their first BlackBerry 10 phone to be.

Unlike Apple with the iPhone, over the years BlackBerry has experimented with color quite a bit, especially with the Pearl and Curve lines. In addtion to the tradtional black and white (and silver like the Torch), we have seen them pick from the rainbow and try a bunch of colors - crimson red, sunset orange, royal purple, blue, pink, etc.. Despite the color selection, historically black is the top seller by far, with white being the most popular other.

In addition to the default black option, I hope white is also available at launch (no waiting four months to have it then become available in white). When I bumped into BlackBerry's CEO Thorsten Heins at BlackBerry World this May, I personally made the request to please make sure BB10 is available in white at launch. But beyond the basic colors, I'm not sure what we'll see. Even if it's a minority of people that buy the more brightly colored devices, I still think it's great to have the option out there for consumers and it's a benefit to have all that color to work with in advertising.

Question of the Week: But let's put it to CrackBerry Nation... What color choices do you think need to be there for the launch of BlackBerry 10 phones? Vote above and sound off in the comments!  

Image Credit: Soon to be Mrs. CrackBerry... photo taken yesterday morning as she was about to walk out the door for work. Photo used without permission. Shhhh.. Don't tell her. Her fault for saying yes to a guy who blogs.