A lot of things became much more clear about BlackBerry 10 thanks to the preview at BlackBerry World last month, and I'm really happy about the direction RIM is taking with it. It's not losing focus of being a communication tool and productivity tool first, which is what has made BlackBerry so useful over the years (but of course it'll rock at media and games too).

I'm super excited for a touchscreen experience that features a user interface optimized for one-handed ease of use. I'm loving the BlackBerry "flow" experience that will allow me to seamlessly traverse between applications. And as much as I love physical keyboards, I'm digging the innovation in the new touchscreen keyboard, which looks like it will be both easy and addictive to use.

And of course I'm loving that BlackBery 10 is based on the rock solid QNX platform. It's easy to forget that with 78 million BlackBerry Smartphone owners in the world but only a couple mllion (I'm estimating...) PlayBook tablet owners, that the vast majority of BlackBerry users (and most people in the world for that matter) haven't experienced just how much different this new platform is. All of the little BlackBerry annoyances of the past (hour glassing, running low on app memory, etc.) are history. The QNX platform is POWERFUL.

Question of the Week: So on that note, CrackBerry Nation, I want to know... what are you looking forward to most in BlackBerry 10? Sound off in the comments to this post!

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