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BlackBerry smartphones and tablet

A recent study conducted by SodaHead revealed that most people feel kids shouldn't get their first smartphone or tablet until at least 16 years of age, though regular cellphones or feature phones are ok for the younger crowd. Interestingly enough, it wasn't just adults that felt that way; teens surveyed shared that opinion. A Mediamark survey in 2009 showed that more than a third of 10-11 year olds had cell phones already. Our oldest son is almost 11, and he's been asking for a phone (specifically a BlackBerry, shocker) for a couple of years now, but I've been putting him off until it's more of a necessity, not just a luxury.

We want to know, CrackBerry nation: At what age do you think a child/teenager should get their first smartphone? Vote in the poll above, and drop your comments below. The full infographic from SodaHead has some other interesting info, which you can check out at the source link below.

Source: SodaHead

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