BlackBerry micro SIM  

Judging by a couple of 'sources' we have, it would appear that RIM will be going down the micro SIM route with Blackberry 10. I have been thinking about a poll on this subject for some time now and was initially going to angle it from a 'should RIM use micro SIM?' perspective. We already know that the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook will use a micro SIM, however after Kevin and I put our heads together and came up with the same opinions, it makes sense to ask the CrackBerry Nation if there are any reasons why you wouldn't want a micro SIM?

Clearly our thoughts won't have any influence on the end product but it is always nice to reach out to the community and get your input.

As far as I can see there are both pro's and con's. With BB10 devices being top spec I would imagine that RIM needs every spare square millimeter they can get their hands on. Not just for battery (although that's a whole other topic) but there are plenty of other things that the small space can be used for.

For those of us that tend to switch devices on a regular basis, the transition to micro SIM may at first sound like not such as great idea. However, with SIM adapters being more widely used now I can't see it being a big stumbling block. We all know that Apple has been successful with the micro SIM in the iPhone 4/4S and Samsung have now followed suit, so It seems like a natural progression to me.

As Hamlet once said - "To micro SIM or not to micro SIM. That is the question." (or something like that)

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