Priority Hub

When BlackBerry 10.2 was released, one of the new features introduced was the Priority Hub. We looked at it in-depth on the BlackBerry Z30 if you need refreshing, but to cut a long story short, you can select emails to be prioritized either by name, importance or where you started the conversation. 

The BlackBerry Hub for me is the best feature with BlackBerry 10 by a long way. Having the additional option to prioritize messages will certainly be an added bonus for many folk, but I tend not to use it. Personally, I value every email I get the same. They all get read as soon as possible, so I don't feel the need to dive into the Priority Hub. 

Maybe I don't get enough emails to warrant it - although I think I get a shed load each day. Possibly business users may benefit from it more than the average Joe? 

I was curious as to whether other BlackBerry 10 users treat the Hub the same as me or are you all utilizing the Priority feature? Maybe I'm missing something and depending on the poll results I may well look at using it once again. So please select from the simple yes or no options below and let's see how many of us are Priority Hub users.