How Are you Liking PlayBook OS 2?
Creepy... we know. :)

We're barely through 30 hours of use following yesterday's 5am EST release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, but we figured given all the PlayBook 2.0 craziness on the site and in our PlayBook forums that it was time for us to check in with a quick owner's poll. 

When we originally reviewed the BlackBerry PlayBook, the two biggest strikes against it were the lack of native email, calendar and contacts along with a lack of compelling apps in BlackBerry Word. PlayBook 2.0 addresses the native messaging and information management gap in a big way, with what I think is a pretty awesomely-implemented solution, including oodles of social integration. And with more time to get apps on the platform and the introduction of the Android App Player in 2.0, the app gap is closing too (of course there are still some big titles like Skype, Netflix and Kindle that we're waiting to see appear in App World). 

OS 2.0 brought with it a lot more than the above -- our full walk through is coming soon -- and overall I'm pretty happy with the update (I voted Loving It! Go #TeamBlackBerry). Yes, there are still plenty of things I'd like to see (which I'll point out in my full review coming next week once I have spent more quality time on 2.0), but knowing 2.0 isn't the end game but part of the bigger journey into BlackBerry 10 puts it into perspective. As was discussed in our interview with Michael Clewley from RIM's PlayBook team yesterday, PlayBook OS 2 provides the foundation for BlackBerry 10, which is an entirely new platform that RIM is migrating over to. There are a lot of services that RIM still has to bring over from BBOS to the PlayBook OS/BlackBerry 10 and we know there's a lot more still to come (like native BBM on the PlayBook).

Putting aside the fact we know there's more to come, we want to see what you think of PlayBook OS 2.0 as it stands right now. Vote on the poll above and let us kow in the comments! Oh yeah, and if you don't yet own a PlayBook, be sure to enter here for your chance to win one!

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