The Instagram for BlackBerry 10 saga continues... earlier today AllThingsD posted a story titled Native Instagram App is Not Coming to BlackBerry 10. Not suprisingly, this stirred things up on twitter and in CrackBerry's forums.

Sources close to Instagram told AllThingsD's John Paczkowski and Mike Isaac that a native version of the photo-sharing application is not headed to BlackBerry 10 anytime soon (apparently maybe never). They go on to say that when Instagram initially comes to BlackBerry 10, it will be via an Android port, assuming it's up to quality and Facebook and Instagram give it a thumbs up and sign off on it. So are they right?

I'm going to plead the fifth and say I don't know anything beyond BlackBerry's official word, which as of today is "We have a strong partnership and are actively engaged around Instagram support for BlackBerry 10, but we do not have an availability date at this point."

What I will say is that I wouldn't be surprised if AllThingsD's words today panned out to be true, at least so far as Instagram intially being an Android port is concerned. I think never is an awfully long time for anybody to comment or report on, especially considering Instagram only launched in October 2010. And never can change quick. I've been in the middle of this Instagram on BB10 debate since Venture Beat said Instagram wouldn't come to BlackBerry 10. Of course even an Android ported version is still Instagram on BB10, so that claim is already well on the road to being debunked (don't forget you can still enter here for a chance to win a car courtesy of me). Of course, until we have an availability date officially announced, things will just continue in Instagram for BB10 limbo.

With BlackBerry 10 it's clear we're going to see various approaches as to how big name app vendors onboard their apps to the platform. Some will go native right away. Others will start by bringing over an Android port to get into BlackBerry World quick while they work on native apps to roll out later. Others yet may get on BB10 via an Android port and intend to stay that way. Another big name app -- Skype -- is coming to BlackBerry 10 via an Android port.

Today's ATD post wasn't really news in my mind - at least beyond what we already have known and rumored on, but it did make me wonder if and how much BlackBerry 10 owners would care if Instagram came to BlackBerry 10 as an Android port vs. as a native app.

Personally, I would always rather see an app be native, but as long as it WORKS WELL and is on BlackBerry 10, I'm happy. I'm sure we'll see opinions be split on this one though, so be sure to vote above and sound off in the comments.

And remember this... Instagram was originally started by a couple of guys. It's amazing what a dedicated person or two can do when they put their minds to something. So if you need some help Instagram, just let us know. Give us access and we have a dedicated guy that could get Instagram coded up to be buttery smooth for BlackBerry 10 in Native Cascades in a few weeks flat. Just say'n :)