BlackBerry Designs

I spoke to my brother early this morning. He told me the trackball on his old BlackBerry Tour was screwed and the phone felt like it was on its last leg, so he was wondering what phone he should buy next. I sort of cringed at the mention of the word trackball - since I first went hands-on with the Curve 8520 back in 2009 I've been on the latest and greatest trackpad device model from RIM.

Then just a few minutes ago I talking to CrackBerry's Adam Zeis about what our next big CrackBerry giveaway should be and how we should run it. He suggested giving away a new BlackBerry to the person out there who was rocking the oldest BlackBerry. A fun idea. We're not sure how we could run it in a fair manner (somebody would have to prove their daily-use phone really is an ancient BlackBerry). But the conversation got us wondering just how many people out there are using old trackball or even trackwheel phones. So that brings us to our...

Question of the Week: How Old is your BlackBerry, by design? You rocking a phone with a trackpad? Still on an old trackball model? Maybe you're still loyal to the BlackBerry Storm? Or heck, maybe you're rocking an even older trackwheel model? Vote above and let us know in the comments just how old your BlackBerry is.

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