PlayBook development mode

*Update from Kevin: I reached out to RIM to get further clarification on RIM's future plans for sideloading. RIM clarified that they have not officially announced their longterm sideloading strategy as of yet, and for now it is at it always was. That said, they are going to look at ways of reducing piracy which may or may not include changing the ability to sideload apps. As a first step, RIM did say they are going to introduce a feature in an upcoming release of the PlayBook OS that will encrypt apps so they can only be run by the user who purchased the app. *

As we now know, RIM plans to remove the ability to side load applications in an upcoming update to the BlackBerry PlayBook. While I have already outlined why they may be doing this, and shared some opinions, we want to know from a calm, cool, and collected CrackBerry Nation how you feel about this. Now that you have had some time to soak in the news, read the benefits, and think of how it may negatively affect you, let's hear it. Are you happy, sad, mad, glad, or does this not impact you in the least?

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