Apps or Games?    

The other day, I was preparing my picks for the CrackBerry 2011 Year End Awards, and I realized something odd. I don't play games on my BlackBerry Smartphone. I have plenty of games on my BlackBerry PlayBook, but not on my Torch 9860. Some might argue that perhaps there aren't that many compelling games in BlackBerry App World. I'm certain there's a number of interesting games available, I just don't play them.

In my downtime - waiting for a haircut, on a long car trip, commericial breaks on TV - I prefer to spend that time browsing the internet, reading RSS News feeds, and catching up on Facebook and Twitter. I simply don't have time for games on my BlackBerry. Certainly I've downloaded my fair share of applications for my Smartphone, but the vast majority of them are apps like BeBuzzBlackBerry Protect, and Poynt.

But I'm not everybody. What applications are installed on your ‘Berry? Do you prefer to use your device as a communications tool or a gaming platform? Vote in the poll above and then let us know in the comments how you like to use your BlackBerry Smartphone.

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