BlackBerry Milan without dedicated keys   

Yesterday we wrote about how a BlackBerry 10 Superphone might work, given that it has no dedicated keys. In the renderings we've seen so far - the BlackBerry Milan and BlackBerry London Superphones - there have been no signs of a call key, menu key, or even a trackpad. Based on these designs, it's doubtful even a Bold-type BB 10 phone would have more than just a keyboard. Taking a cue from the BlackBerry PlayBook's OS 2.0 beta, we made a few guesses about how each of the keys would be replaced by a gesture. Dedicated keys, we thought? We can do without them.

In the comments, quite a few members of the CrackBerry Nation were quite excited about a button-less OS, many of them BlackBerry PlayBook owners. But many more were quite dissatisfied in this BlackBerry design change. How do you feel? Could you do without all your buttons? Sound off in the comments.