PlayBook Themes

As an avid theme fanatic I just can't imagine not having themes on my BlackBerry smartphone. I'm not kidding, I hesitated upgrading my device because I'd be giving up all the ones I accumulated over the years. Even though RIM has yet to release TB7 for BlackBerry OS7 devices (though that hasn't stopped developers thanks to the workaround), what about the BlackBerry PlayBook? Are there times you’ve picked up your tablet and wished there was a way to customize your experience and not see the same icons or layout day in and day out? For me it’s a no brainer, I want it now!  I can only imagine what designs are brewing in the minds of all the theme developers out there just waiting to be unleashed.

So what do you say CrackBerry Nation, are you with me? Cast your vote in the poll above if you’d like to see them release Theme Studio for the BlackBerry Playbook and then drop a line in the comments below. BerryGlowDesigns already cast his vote and, to show it, designed the custom CrackBerry PlayBook wallpaper shown in the shot above. Feel free to head on over to his friends/wallpaper page and download yours today for FREE. For more amazing choices, be sure to check out the CrackBerry Wallpaper gallery.

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