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Dropbox for BlackBerry

It's the August Long Weekend in Canada, so I've been out at the lake the last couple of days chilling with my family. I don't do this enough, so it's nice to take some time to visit, catch up and re-live my youth a bit.

I actually consider my two older brothers to be pretty good examples of normal mainstream technology consumers (I know people like myself who work in this space tend to fall outside of normal), so I like to question them and get their feedback on things whenever I have the chance.

My middle brother Mark is a mechanical engineer (he's a smart guy) and when it comes to gadgets, runs the mix of a BlackBerry / Apple / PC household. Him and his wife use BlackBerrys (Torch 9810 and Bold 9900), the kids each have an iPod Touch, there is both a PlayBook and an iPad in the house and while they have historically been PC users, there's now a Mac in the house too. That's a good mix of gear, so I expect him to be pretty in the know.

Consider myself shocked last night when I brought up Dropbox and he didn't know what I was talking about. Then I asked my oldest brother Tony (a shops teacher) and he didn't know either. I was flabergasted! We were debating the tech changes in the world over the past few years and what's been good and bad, and I mentioned Dropbox as one of those newer services that has been life changing. Seriously, I can't even imagine going back to a life without Dropbox.

The fact that my bros had never heard of Dropbox before, nevermind the fact they weren't using it, got me wondering how many of our CrackBerry readers are using it. I sort of assumed it was beyond the early adopter stage and already quite mainstream, but maybe it still has a way to go before coming a household name. Vote on the poll above and let's see where things stand. And in case you were wondering, yes, I immediately got them both bros to sign up for Dropbox and they're now using it.

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