BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 has leaked. It is by no means official but a lot of you have loaded it up onto your BlackBerry 10 devices already. No doubt enjoying all the new features to be found. BlackBerry 10 has certainly come a long way since it first landed back in January 2013. Just take a look at the BlackBerry 10 Master change log we've put together.

BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 brings a lot of really awesome features and you can check out our walkthrough on some of those new features, too. It really has made me enjoy the BlackBerry 10 experience even more, it just keeps getting better and better. Like I said, the leaked OS of is by no means official and there will probably be lots to come once it becomes official. However, there is one feature in BlackBerry 10.2.1, at least in this leaked version is the new call screen. It has brought much debate in the forums and around the BlackBerry community. Some like it and some don't. That is too be expected. You can't please everyone. 

What side do I fall on? I'm on the side that are not too fond of it. I really like the current way to answer calls. Swipe down to answer, swipe up to reject. It is different. Unique. Very BlackBerry 10. Having it vertical means that whichever hand I use to answer the call, the distance my thumb travels is the same. Even then I can just flick, I don't have to swipe all the way. With the new way, if I pick up the phone to answer with my right hand, which I usually do, I have to swipe my thumb to the left. This is a bit of a stretch, more so on the BlackBerry Z30 which I am currently using. It now feels very awkward, especially now that it's lower down. Granted, I can still flick but it requires me to hold the device and a certain angle and requires more work. It also makes it look much like the Android call answer screen. Though I do like the green and red colour change when you slide it.

It has been said that the main reason for the change is that many people found it difficult to answer calls the current way. Michael Clewley, on his BBM Channel says this of OS 10.2.1

This release has been focused on making BB10 better, cleaning up the user experience and removing the think points. It's been focused on removing your detractors and eliminating return drivers. Some things needed change.

I think the current call screen is a 'think point' for many users, hence it was one of the things that needed to change. However, following the similar uproar when dark theme disappeared from the BlackBerry Q10 devices, I'm hoping that an option can at least be given to us.

With that said though, this is a leaked OS. Internally, they may be on a higher build already and some things may not make it to the official release or things may change. Squircle anyone? Either way, the call screen is a major change. I'm very fond of the current way due to it's uniqueness. 

With my rant out of the way, let's hear what you have to say on the matter in the comments and by taking part in our poll below.