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One of the first things you likely learned about when you got your first BlackBerry was your PIN. Unique to each device, the PIN is an eight digit alpha-numeric sequence that is assigned to every BlackBerry. Some people view their PIN as sacred and only for those closest to them, others post it everywhere to meet people and make friends, and there are all sorts in between the two ends of the spectrum. No matter what your thoughts on it, it's a part of BlackBerry life that is pretty important.

Our question for you today is in regard to that special little number. We want to know if you have your BlackBerry PIN memorized, or if you rely on looking it up or displaying your barcode whenever you need it. Personally, I've never memorized my PIN. I changed devices frequently enough that it would be hard to keep them straight, and really it has never even occurred to me that I should memorize it. So, vote above and let us know what your style is!

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