Considering that BlackBerry have the most secure mobile operating system available -- as demonstrated by various government agencies around the world and the main man President Obama -- I was curious to find out how many BlackBerry 10 users are taking their own security to the max and keeping their beloved BlackBerry password protected. 

I'll admit - I don't use a password and never had. Adam flat out said he never uses one on his Z10 either. I make this choice out of pure laziness as I can't be bothered to type the password each time I pick up my BlackBerry. In my defense, I'm never without my trusty device. It's either in my hand or secure in a holster and if somebody really wants to steal it they are going to have to take me down first - or catch me when I run away! 

When I'm out in public I'm forever noticing iPhone users unlocking their devices in order to use it. Let's see if the BlackBerry 10 community is batting from the same field. 

Are you using a password on your device? Do you have a holster case to make you feel secure? Or maybe you have a third-party app for locking down your files or something else? Let us know in the poll below then hit up the comments!