Active Frames

We all tend to use our smartphones slightly differently and when BlackBerry 10 was released the home screen action was all about the Active Frames. From my perspective, being able to have quick easy access to up to eight of your most frequently used applications is one of my favorite features in BlackBerry 10. I normally have the same four or five apps open all the time and if I do jump into another app to use it quickly I more often than not tend to close it completely with a long hold of the 'x' in its bottom right corner. 

Battery consumption is always controversial with any smartphone and it makes sense that the more apps you have running - the more juice you are going to use, even if they are in their sleepy Active Frame state. How much this impacts BlackBerry 10 is a tough one to say as I've not actually performed a test and as each day varies in terms of usage it wouldn't be an easy test to carry out. 

So I was wondering how others utilized their Active Frames. I know some folk that always have all eight up and running, whereas, I also know a few that like to close everything - therefore having the menu full of app icons as their kind of home screen. 

Hit up the following poll and cast your vote. I'm intrigued to see how this one will swing.