Since we've just had Christmas and I suspect BlackBerry sales were pretty good in December I was curious following on from the recent earnings call to see whether consumers had purchased  BlackBerry 10 or a legacy device for themselves or a loved one. 

Price always is an issue with the two operating systems - unless you are here in the UK where Carphone Warehouse sell the Z10 for just £150 on Pay As You Go. That said - times are hard and with legacy handsets selling for much less, could the trend set out in the earnings call have continued over Christmas? 

Hit up the below poll if you wouldn't mind and select your weapon of choice - sort of! Depending on which model you purchased feel free to let us know in the comments. Once again, if you can state what region in the world you are in it would help us get a bigger picture of what's happening where in terms of BlackBerry sales. 


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